Arab Defense Industry Papers

A dedicated policy-oriented series focusing on the role of defense industries and defense industrial cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa launched as a joint initiative by Borchert Consulting & Research AG and Verocy

Heiko Borchert and Shehab al Makahleh
Sharpening the Falcon's Claws
European Security & Defence, February 2017

As the United Arab Emirates broadens its geostrategic footpring, the country also adjusts its security and defense strategy. This affects the local defnse industry as force requirements are about to change

Sharpening the Falcon's Claws

Heiko Borchert and Cyril Widdershoven
The Dawn of a New Arab Defense Industrial Network
ADIP No. 1, July 2016

This inaugural Arab Defense Industry Paper focuses on defense exports and collaborative defense industrial projects, defense material donations, and third party defense funding as key instruments of the growing pan-Arab defense industrial network.

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